"Everything in the universe is struggling to complete a circle, to return to its source, to return to its only real source, the self." - Vivekananda

After studying Anthropology and Sociology at Northeastern University, I began my painting career in Boston Massachussetts at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts. I took classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education and the University of Virginia. I am a member at McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville, VA, a member of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lynchburg, Va ,a member of the Central Va Watercolor Guild and the Virginia Watercolor Society.


At the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts I took a watercolor class with Kaji Aso. This was the only class I've ever taken in watercolor and the journey towards the self began.  His influence on me on a zen level propelled me to lean towards expressing the inner life in my work.

After some 30 years hopefully a blend of the inner and outer manifests in balance, harmony, and peace. My aim is to make a contribution of beauty and peace in the world, an energetic that can be felt and transmitted to the viewer.

Painting is a joyous expression of who I am. I approach painting as ceremony, meaning sacred; making concrete and giving form to the spiritual, honoring the self, bringing up images from the unconscious and giving them place. The smallest act can become a powerful ritual. An act peformed with symbolic intent sets up an exchange between the unconscious and conscious that allows for progression toward unity. Being present in the painting process, focusing on the process not the product is my intention. It's an allowance and acceptance.

To the sacred through fantasies, imagery, active imagination and ritual (ceremony) and the painting process. Before dogma and doctrine there was Jacob wrestling with an angel (The Jacob's Ladder series) and the Buddha under the Bodhi tree (For Love's Sake series) and Paul struck by a vision on the road to Damascus ( The Time Series ).