You can also connect with me on facebook and also like my art page

on facebook where there is info about upcoming shows.  it's lee alter art 

focusing on positive reinforcement through the creative process   

use of sand tray therapy mostly as a social tool

watercolor, drawing, clay, and shadow boxes and mixed media

all the works goes home on poster board and is frameable.

it's very important to put the children's work up in visible places so i have a

show at Hot Cakes each year and this year it's march 6 to april 8.


        Fall Art Classes for Adults

   wed 10-1pm  sept 13th - december 13   

   fridays 10-1 pm  sept 15th - december 15th


     Fall classes for Children

  tues 3:30-5:30  sept 12th - december 12th  

  thurs 3:30-5:30  sept 14 - december 14

  saturdays 2 - 4  sept 16 - december 16

















 you can connect with me on Facebook as lee alter art and lee alter




































































































































































































































































































































Call Lee at 434-963-0540 to register or inquire about classes.

1992 - Present:

Began Teaching watercolor classes based on trusting one's instinctive nature and being present in one's process, focusing on the energy behind the form - the essential nature of an object, person or feeling.